Season One

Private investigator Harland Quinn has a broken down office in a Depression-era city, a sassy secretary, and a penchant for diving into the whisky bottle. Until one day a mysterious woman walks through his office door with her odd companion … and then things get progressively stranger.

Episode 1: The Quest Begins

It’s another day on the job for Harland Quinn, private detective: a tough round of snoozing behind his desk and trying to work out how he’ll pay his secretary this week, when in walks a mysterious woman with the promise of easy money, and suddenly Quinn’s about to have a whole new set of problems…


Episode 2: Ducking and Jiving

Harland Quinn, who thinks he knows an easy buck when he sees one, takes Miss Alleyn and her associate to the Java Jive, a well-known local nightclub, in search of Miss Alleyn’s missing crystal. Once there, however, things don’t quite go according to plan…


Episode 3: Ssssshhhh!

Having escaped their pursuers by somewhat unconventional means, the three take a moment to regroup and plan their next course of action in a rather unusual library.


Episode 4: Say it with Bullets

Harland Quinn, Miss Alais Alleyn and Mr Biggins are off to ‘stir’ the Cauldron’. They find themselves in a beautiful and mysterious place — but while Alais feels at home, Mr Biggins has concerns … and there can be danger even in the most beautiful of settings.


Episode 5: Homecoming

Harland returns to Seraph City but can he walk away from Miss Alais Alleyn and Mr Biggins? Harland Quinn, Miss Alais Alleyn and Mr Biggins have returned (rather unexpectedly) to Harland’s home location — Seraph City. Alais is grieving the loss of her mentor — while Quinn has plans of his own. Are their enemies still in pursuit? Some shocking discoveries are waiting for them in the dark City of Angels …


Episode 6: Bad Blood

Mr. Quinn, Alais, and Mr. Biggins go to the source.

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