The Blackened Mirror is a web TV series, composed of ten-minute shows, in two seasons of six shows each.

The show is created in a virtual world, with elements of film noir, steampunk, classic Lovecraft horror – and more!

In addition to the twelve episodes, there are also two season trailers, and a radio play set in the world of the series.

The first season takes down-at-heel Private Investigator Harland Quinn from his seedy office in 1930s America to a history that never was, and on to strange worlds as he awakes trouble from his past; trouble that hits him at home, and trouble that forces him to face the evils of his youth. The means of travel belongs to his client, the mysterious Miss Alais Alleyn: a strange device known as a Resonator that turns any mirror into a door across dimensions, enabling the possessor to travel wherever they may wish to go, leaving no more than scorched glass to mark their passing.

In season two we discover more of Quinn’s dark past and the origins of his chilling doppelganger, learn what becomes of the friends he left behind in Seraph City and see the price that comes with secret knowledge, leaving one of our heroes with a terrible choice that must be made…

The Blackened Mirror is currently on hiatus.